Leaders of self, family, community and culture. 

Kings lead from a place of CLARITY and personal PEACE. Find yours.


Before you can lead anyone anywhere you must first understand who you are, why you are and where you are on your journey. In this first and foundational track, we offer a definition and a process for becoming and remaining a king. Identify root causes that keep you from ascending the throne. Get clarity and discover your personal power to live royal.


Part of your role as a king is to lead your family. Whether you are a future family man, a husband, and/or father this track is for you. Write a vision and mission statement for your family. Learn the skills to carrying it out effectively.


As a king, you are a leader in your community. Who is your community? Who is your neighbor? In this track we explore what it means to be a royal citizen. We’ll dig deeper into your personal cause and purpose and help you position yourself for service.


Your privilege as a king is to lead culture. By now, you’re ready to take vision to the next level. Advance your influence and re-produce royalty through leadership, art, and innovation. Become more than the main attraction. Become a man worth following and use your super powers for good.