Sunday, February 25, 2018


Chicago's Hope

Preston Perry: Chicago’s Hope


Alton Sterling Art

It was the 5th of July – the night after America’s Independence Day – when I saw the video of Alton Sterling's murder.  A friend sent me a message at 11:30 PM.  I saw the message and was preoccupied with something else so I didn’t pay it any attention.  It


Why is the United States prison system so barbaric? And why is such an enormous percentage of the prison population African American? The conversation impacts black and brown men living in these United States more than any other group, not to mention their families and communities where they lived. So where are we

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Tired of dealing with racial profiling and police abuse? Your greatest defense is to educate yourself, your friends and family members on your constitutional rights. While certain laws and police practices vary from state-to-state, the know your rights media content below are applicable in all 50 states. Q: When do the