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Criminal Literacy: Know Your Rights

Tired of dealing with racial profiling and police abuse? Your greatest defense is to educate yourself, your friends and family members on your constitutional rights. While certain laws and police practices vary from state-to-state, the know your rights media content below are applicable in all 50 states.

Q: When do the police have probable cause to search me and/or my vehicle?


Q: What’s the proper way to refuse a search?


Q: What if I Refuse and the officer searches me anyway?


For more information visit Flex Your Rights and watch the complete Film 10 Rules For Dealing With The Police in its entirety.  Learn the proper protocol for situations like:

Flex Your Rights (Flex) is a 501(c)(3) civil liberties organization focused on improving the constitutional literacy of all Americans.  Share this one family.  Our Lives Matters.

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