A network of mission driven men focused on mastering self and influencing their world.


Learn. Grow. Leave A Legacy

Manhood is a Calling. Answering is a Choice. There are few places where men can gather and improve their capacity to lead.  At KOR we focus on growing men of honor, mission and means – men who know who they are, who cultivate character, and live out their purpose in life.


Understanding “who” you are and “why” you are is foundational for ruling well. We’ll help you to filter out the noise of culture and to discover the power of self-awareness.


Character and self-discipline make the man and empower him to finish his race in life. We’ll help you become a leader worth following –  a king who lives by a royal code.


Every man was created to solve a problem and to leave a legacy. We’ll help you identify your cause, clarify your goals, and prepare for a moral, cultural, and financial legacy.



Join Our Atlanta Meetup

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Engage in thoughtful conversation with other men charting toward greatness.


Listen as fellow kings share their experiences and knowledge on topics impacting Black Men in America.


Learn to lead like a king in every area of life. think differently about your personal power.


Walk away with a clearer sense of self along with practical tools for your personal and professional journey.


Our leaders are diverse in background but unified in values.  We guide men through the process of manhood – intentional about becoming better men, building economic stability, and making a difference in the world.

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