A king is a man of character and moral purpose.

Manhood is reflected in one’s maturity, discipline and self-awareness. It’s a journey filled with twists, turns, tragedies and transitions but with faith, focus and family it’s possible. Manhood is an invitation to lead with clarity and conscious. When men realize who they are and why they are they become a resource. They become royal.


We help black males to see and develop the king within.

We recognize that family dynamics, economics, media, education, entertainment and community all inform a young man’s identity and ultimately his future. We’re developing a culture where nobility is rewarded, women are esteemed, fathers father their children. For too long Black masculinity has been perceived and perpetuated as irreverent, criminal, irresponsible, unfaithful, violent, and academically inferior. At Raising Kings we’re celebrating a new perspective on manhood that’s both aspirational and attainable. We’re supporting and resourcing a lifestyle of character and moral purpose. We are building a mature brotherhood of men leading themselves, their families, communities & culture toward peace.


Whole men produce whole families.

We believe men are the foundation of the family. That’s why we’re creating a culture where males understand and accept their value, power and personal freedom to lead themselves, their families and their communities with intention and honor. We believe:

Whole men produce whole families.

Fathers give identity.

Men lead by example.

A good man leaves an inheritance to his children’s children.

Husbands love and cultivate their wives.

Every king has a court.

Kings produce peace. 


Ultimately, men become what they behold.

We produce images that reflect our core values. We create content that elevates. We come alongside schools, organizations and agencies offering character enrichment programming. We intend to spark a shift in the way parents, educators, law enforcement, spiritual leaders, media professionals, neighbors and the young men we serve, see themselves and their possibility.